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Lage Markneukirchens in Deutschland

The bow making workshop is situated in the  Vogtland, an area in the southernmost tip of Saxony in Germany. The region around Markneukirchen, Schöneck and Klingenthal is also known as "Musikwinkel", because the making of musical instruments has a tradition of more than 350 years here.

If you want to visit the workshop and the "Musikwinkel", this site may help to plan your journey.

The map shows where to find Markneukirchen in Germany.

Homepage der Stadt MarkneukirchenHomepage of Markneukirchen

Markneukirchen's website informs about the area, tourist offers and the economical background of the town, in addition it offers a list of hosts.

Map of Markneukirchen

The pin shows the position of the bowmaking workshop in Markneukirchen.

Map Markneukirchen